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Naga Sadhus: A True Combination of Spiritual Belief and Anonymities

Posted on 11-04-2020 | by: admin

The existence of Naga Sadhus is date back to the Treta Yug started by Dattatreya and structured all together by Adi Shankaracharya. They are also prevalent as the Warrior ascetics and the saviors of Sanatana Dharma.

The Naga Sadhus are Shaivites and their physical appearance demonstrates the same. Their ash-covered bodies, entangled dreadlocks, deserted social life and the supremacy on dominating the basis instincts make them the true adherent of Lord Shiva.

It's Not an Overnight Journey

The privileged ones only become Naga Sadhus as the transition is quite challenging and the toughest obligation only transforms a common person into a Naga Sadhu. The processes and exercises for attaining the Naga status are really strenuous.

Right after the Diksha the person who underlined the Brahmacharya follow his Guru and serve him dedicatedly to remove self-ego. There is no such color or religious discrimination for becoming a Naga Sadhu, but one should open for rigorous training and infinite penance to pursue an enthralling life of a Naga sadhu.

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The person who aspires to be a Naga sadhu needs to accomplish his own pind daan and isolate himself from his family members. A person wishes for a becoming a Naga sadhu has to become a celibate, complete control over his lust, sensual feelings and practice extensive Brahmacharya and control over physical and mental aspects. After complete self-control only the person allowed in a group for Naga sadhu training and take a Diksha. Once a person is ready to become a Naga Sadhu a five group of Sadhus perform a Panch Sankar ceremony where the Pramukh Guru cut off his hair, the Bhagwa guru offer set of saffron clothes. Furthermore, a Rudraksha Guru offers Rudraksha beads and Vibuthi Guru smears the ashes on his body. Over the years with the passing of spiritual practices the Naga Sadhus uplift their position in the Akhara and become a Mahant, Mahamandleshwar and Acharya Mahamadeleshwar subsequently.

Interesting Facts About Naga Sadhus

  • The exercise for becoming as Naga Sadhu is not about 2 to 3 years, it requires at least a decade and in some cases 15 to 20 years.
  • They are the devotees of Lord Shiva and worship fire as well and features five gurus such as Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Ganesh, and Surya.
  • They reside in the Himalayas amid critical temperature without any clothing. Although some of them prefer wearing a Langota or a Loincloth only.
  • The Digambara Naga Sadhus wear a loincloth whereas Sri-Digambar Naga Sadhus remain unclothed.
  • The Naga Sadhus apply ash or bhasms all over their bodies and wear flower garlands and Rudraksha.
  • They usually ask offering from seven houses in a day and if they are unable to get food from those seven houses, they have to sleep hungry. They usually eat only once a day as per the rule.
  • The Naga Sadhus usually sleep on mother earth and are not allowed to sleep on a bed and cannot live with common people.
  • They carry weapons like sword and trident with them and master the art of using.
  • Some Naga Sadhus are non-vegetarian and some of them are vegetarian as well.

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